Generating Ext.js App in Emergence

##Generate App

Replacing MYAPPNAME with the name of the app you want to create and the version number with the current version number.

##View Development App

If all went according to plan in the previous step, you should be able to view the base applicated at this url:


##Build App

To build you app and create the /testing and /production builds, run the following command


The following two urls should now work


Build Issues?

###White Screen being served?

Check the console logs to further debug. If Ext.js is unable to find your app.js file, skip to Files to Check items 2 and 3.

###Files to Check


Add skip.slice=1 to end of file




Add the ‘requires’ statement

Ext.define('MYAPPNAME.view.main.Main', {
    extend: 'Ext.container.Container',
	requires: [


Update ‘autoCreateViewPort’ to ‘main.Main’

	name: 'MYAPPNAME',

	extend: 'MYAPPNAME.Application',

	autoCreateViewport: 'main.Main'

##Implementing changes to files to check

Regenerate app after skip.slice is updated according to the generate app section. Once rebuilt, make the changes to Main.js and App.js, then reload /app/MYAPPNAME/development