Refreshed EmergenceEditor

There’s a fully-rebuilt but minimally-changed version of EmergenceEditor in a major modernization PR for emergence-skeleton that’s now ready for general, independent use:

I’ll write more about it later, but you can get started with the new editor today by building it locally:

  1. Check out that emergence-skeleton branch and all submodules
  2. Run sencha app build development in the sencha-workspace/EmergenceEditor tree
  3. Enable CORS from ['localhost'] or '*' on any site you want to edit
  4. Open the EmergenceEditor tree in a local web server and point ?apiHost=... at your site’s hostname

There are some backend updates in this release to improve how loading revisions, doing diffs, and site searching, so those features will just not work if you point the new editor at any existing site until the whole update gets merged into skeleton-v1 and pushed downstream. Editing is already greatly improved though.

There’s a README within the EmergenceEditor directory documenting what’s done and what’s next. In short though pretty much all existing editor functionality is restored, fully debugged, and better than ever.

More details and screenshots on what’s new coming soon…

Some screenshots

New imageless theme, built with ext-6.2.0 and all latest practices

Fully up-to-date ACE editor with annoying scroll issues resolved, full complement of plugins, and smart whitespace management

Visual diffs powered by syntax-highlighted ACE

Site search is fast, fully-featured, and actually works

Search only filenames with no content query

Context-sensitive helpers

Improved create file/folder workflow

File details included in context menu