Devtools refresh has landed!

A full refresh of devtools and the sencha build system has finally landed in and !

Update notes for downstream

  • It’s best to do a full precache of all trees before using the pull-tool to update your tree, as you could end up with your devtools broken if you have autoPull disabled and don’t do a full precache first

Included updates

This list is a WIP

Editor refresh

With some visual polish by @ryon

Migration to hologit

The VFS for both skeleton-v1 and skeleton-v2 are now populated by the vfs-site holobranches in their respective repos. One of the biggest pieces of this is a full refresh of how sencha app get built, with the latest ext/ framework included in the site tree and all apps built automatically against in through hologit lenses.

Downstream applications with their own sencha apps should immediately move towards using hologit to generate pre-built branches for pushing to the VFS, and away from using the /sencha-cmd/app-build online script

The compilation of site-root/css/* from site-root/sass and of site-root/js/pages/* from sencha-workspaces/pages/* are also handled by the lensing process