Download online databases and load them into local development environments

With skeleton v1.4.4 there is now a new metric and download button in the /site-admin/ dashboard:

In addition to be authorized for any Developer session, this link has a couple other authentication features to make it useful in scripting:

  • The link printed on the site-admin dashboard has your current session token written into the URL via GET query. Be wary that this token could be used to access your session and do not share this link. Logging out will invalidate the token. This method can be useful for pasting to a terminal on the spot
  • If requested without any auth, the database dump URL will present an HTTP Basic auth challenge similar to how the /develop WebDAV endpoint does, logging in with any developer username+password will work

Local emergence studio’s include a command load-sql which now supports supplying a full URL to an SQL dump rather than a path (suitable for the first option above), and also supports an http link with just a hostname to indicate an emergence site to present an interactive terminal developer login prompt for and download an SQL dump from: